in Business - 15 Apr, 2016
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Unprecedented Exposure For Ferrari Through SocialSF All Access

Italian automaker Ferrari has launched an interactive content platform in partnership with Santa Monica’s RED Interactive Agency to tap into its fan base that has a passion for cars. Racing enthusiasts will have a gamified platform that will allow them to access and share content beyond the sports of racing. Content will include behind the scenes moments and true to life experiences of Scuderria Ferrari Team.

The goal of Ferrari is to provide its loyal racing fans with a brand message that extends into wider circles in social media. Ferrari wants to bring the Formula 1 team closer to fans. According to Donny Makower, the president of RED Interactive, they will be bringing cameras to spaces that have never been seen before so that Ferrari fans will get the chance to see the Scuderria team laughing over lunch or engaging in real time maintenance work under the car. This form of unprecedented exposure cannot be enjoyed on any other platform but SocialSF All Access.

SocialSF All Access will provide the passionate fans of Formula 1 a direct connection to Scuderria Ferrari racing team by offering exclusive content and material. Because Ferrari believes that its fans are not just casual car lovers but overwhelmingly passionate Ferrari fans, its platform will host a number of photos on Instagram and Twitter. Fans can expect photographs of Scuderria Ferrari team with the Royal Family of Bahrain, images from press conferences and interesting photos of vehicles, equipment spare parts and a lot more.

In order for Formula 1 fans to be able to access content at the press level, they must sign in through Twitter or Facebook. VIP access is granted to fans who have earned 1,000 points. To reach VIP and team levels, users can earn points by liking photographs. They can also post or share content on their social networks. This kind of activity will allow content to make its way downstream from Ferrari loyalists to social circles. This will allow Ferrari to reach consumers that it wouldn’t normally reach. The idea of Ferrari is generally an engaging and rewarding experience for its loyal fans.