in News - 17 Jul, 2017
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Until What Age Can A Child Use A Stroller?

Older children in strollers are a common sight in Hong Kong. It is certainly surprising when you find an 8-year old engrossed in playing with a mobile device while wedged into the seat of a stroller that is supposed to carry a cute babbling baby. Until what age is the baby stroller appropriate? Is it healthy for oversized kids to be carried in baby strollers in the pavement of the city’s Central District instead of simply encouraging them to walk?

According to Brian Leung, a chiropractic kinesiologist and licensed natur opathic physician from the integrated Medicine in Central, there is actually no designated age when children should stop using strollers. Kid’s sizes vary and that is why there are big kids in strollers while the parents walk through the city’s streets.

However, children must be less dependent on baby strollers when they reach 3 years old except in certain cases like a trip a Disneyland. The place is too enormous for a kid to walk around like an adult. When the child reaches 6 or 7 years old, the muscular maturity no longer requires a stroller. Instead of sitting down for prolonged periods of time inside strollers, the children must be allowed to walk.

Sitting down in a stroller that is designed for a 3-year old kid may result into a posterior tilt of the pelvis for older children. Eventually, it can affect their posture. It can be detrimental for developing kids because they have to be encouraged to walk and exercise their legs.

In Hong Kong, lack of space has certainly resulted into inadequate play areas. Kids in Hong Kong may be far behind in their development because they lack the space to learn how to crawl, run and play. This scenario can affect the skeletal and muscular development particularly if children become dependent on the stroller.

It is very important to choose baby strollers wisely because it will be used for lots of time. Baby strollers will also be constantly folded and pushed which requires durability. However, the major factor when selecting a baby stroller is comfort for the baby to sleep and sit in until he grows and learns to walk on his own.