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Ursula K. Le Guin Gets Stamp Tribute From US Postal Service

Artists and illustrators like Rabinky Art aim to have their art featured on stamps, as the little things are a great medium, both for the artists that make them and the subjects that are featured on them. Stamps are collectible, and can be easily passed on to others while also sending useful or special things; they’re delightful.

Fans of sci-fi literature know the name “Ursula K. Le Guin” well, thanks to her speculative science fiction works like The Earthsea series. Though critics say that her work is difficult to classify, she’s generally seen as one of the pioneers of the sci-fi genre.

The author, who passed away on January 22, 2018, is being honored by the United States Postal Service via their Literary Arts series. The USPS announced their 33rd stamp, featuring the storied author, on January 15, 2021, a Friday, precisely a week before the 2nd anniversary of Le Guin’s passing.

The collectible stamp features a portrait of Le Guin illustrated by Donato Giancola, which used a 2006 photo of her as reference. The background of the stamp shows a scene from The Left Hand of Darkness, one of her books, showing Genly Ai, an envoy from Earth, escaping a prison camp on the fictional planet of Gethen with a disgraced native politician.

The stamp will see its official release later in 2021, labeled ‘three ounce’, denoting the usage value. It’ll be part of the USPS’s Forever stamps, famous amongst artists like Rabinky Art and stamp collectors, due to the fact that they’re always valid for the value that they have printed on them.

On top of the literary stamp honoring Le Guin, the USPS also announced a new set of stamps, these ones honoring NASA’s dedication to solar study.

This particular set will be made up of 20 stamps, featuring 10 images celebrating NASA’s study of the Earth’s closest solar neighbor.

The bold colors on the stamps aren’t the actual colors of the sun on the visible spectrum, instead of being colored based on different wavelengths, and/or highlighting notable features of solar activity, as explained by the USPS’s blog.

The stamps were made using images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory, which NASA launched back in February 2010 to observe the Sun from a geosynchronous orbit over the craft’s station in New Mexico.

Customers can get their hands on these new stamps, when they come out, via the USPS Postal Store or at post office spots across the US.