in Business - 15 Mar, 2020
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Useful Tips On How To Address Negative Reviews

People today are highly reliant on reviews. They choose a restaurant or a hotel based on the reviews posted by customers. Meanwhile, job seekers use reviews like King Kong digital marketing reviews to help them determine whether it is a wise decision to work for the digital agency.  People want affirmation for their decisions and they achieve it through reviews.

Consumers looking for a repair shop are sometimes astonished with the number of reviews that the business receives. Google heavily favours reviews as part of a local business search. This means that reviews can have a strong impact on small businesses like repair shops.

However, 4 negative search results can cost a business 70% of its potential customers. While this statistic holds true in many industries, it is more pronounced on small businesses because negative reviews get more clicks than positive opinions.

How can a business address negative reviews?

  • Businesses must keep in mind that not all negative reviews are bad. No business is perfect but if it received hundreds of positive reviews, consumers may assume that the reviews were fabricated. As long as a review is not overly negative, it can build trust. Besides that bad reviews force some businesses to fix the issue before it becomes more complicated.
  • Bad reviews can be taken as an opportunity to showcase customer service. Response must professional and the customer must be assured that the issue will be addressed right away. The conversation can also be taken offline.
  • It is very likely for a customer to calm down if he is treated as a person. While some customers will be satisfied by a response, others may claim compensation.
  • If there is a bad review, do not click on it right away because the response can push the review to page one of search results. A better solution is to address the customer directly.

Employees appreciate the digital agency’s response to King Kong digital marketing reviews because it means that they are being heard. When employees are satisfied with the working environment, management, salaries and benefits, they usually post glowing reviews. When a job seeker sees the reviews, he is encouraged to try the digital agency.