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Useful Tips When Choosing Floor And Wall Tiles

Many homeowners are now obsessed with stone wall tiles because of Instagram posts and the fact that Lisbon has become a popular city break destination for the millennial population. Tiles are becoming popular for the indoors whether in intricate mosaic styles, painted-on patterns or classic subway tiles. However, before you attempt on installing stone tiles on the home, you have to consider practicality.

When designing the interiors, it is important to create a balance between available space and personal taste with a smattering of practicality. According to interior designer Katharine Pooley, marble tiles in neutral shades work best for bathrooms and kitchens. Décor can easily be upgraded by changing accessories. However, homeowners can also experiment with various tile colours and patterns.

There are different tile types to choose from ranging from the ceramic tiles that are more cost effective and easy to cut to authentic natural stone tiles that are undeniably stylish. Natural stone is expensive but it is hard-wearing. Mosaic comes in bold vibrant colours and is a perfect option to create an eye-catching feature wall. Mosaic also provides more flexibility for those who want to create a perfect design.

Aside from aesthetics, it is important to consider grouting or the stuff that binds the tiles together. Grout must be able to create a finish that is durable and can prevent water damage. It is also vital for grouting to look clean and uniform particularly in tiles that have detailed and geometric patterns. Since grouting contributes to the colourscheme; there are options for black and darker shades. Grouting can also be chosen to match the colour and looks of the stone wall tiles for consistency.

For 2019, a move away from boxy geometric designs on tiles is predicted. Curves and soft pastel shades will be the trend especially those with understated fluid designs.

You have more choices for stone wall tiles from online vendors. The largest possible range of high quality tiles are available to choose from. There are also many inspirational ideas to create a project that is truly unique but will match with your personality and need for functionality.