in Map - 09 Mar, 2018
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Using Framed Maps To Decorate A Wall

People use different kinds of maps from the folded map of a city that can be accessed at airports to the Illustrated Maps that are attractive and easy to use. Using an illustrated map is easier for a first time visitor to a city because aside from roads, there are landmarks and buildings that are prominently drawn in the map. If a traveler loses his way, he can always refer to the illustrated map for direction.

Maps of cities and states are not something new; they have existed for centuries. If you will track the evolution of maps, you will find out that people have to urge to explore and make illustrations of borders. Almost everything on earth has been mapped except the ocean floor and the galaxy. In fact, there are maps that can be used for decorative purposes.

There are framed maps today that can be hanged on the walls to become a popular subject of conversation when you have guests. Websites like Grafomap will allow you to choose your location, map filter and captions that you may wish to add. The location can be a place where you have been to, a city where you met your true love or a street that has no name. To ensure that the map will look attractive, always opt for a location that has an aesthetic value aside from sentimental reason.

Hanging a framed map on the wall is still uncommon. You must have a ready explanation why you selected a certain location, city or state. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a visitor understand why you decided on tropical paradise that looks empty through standard minimalistic filters. Grafomap has 9 filters that will make a desert look interesting. You can add locations and street names so that your choice for the certain part of the world will be as detailed as you feel.

On the other hand, Illustrated Maps are also considered as works of art. The images are formed from a combination of creativity, artistry, geography and information. A community can be mapped with color, style and position so that a visitor can precisely visualize landscape details.