in ASIA - 07 Aug, 2015
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Villas For Rent Perfect For Holiday Getaways

The market of properties in Phuket has remained constant over the past couple of years with the presence of villas that are often visited especially during holidays. Crisis have come and gone and yet the market value has remained amazingly resilient. Buyers have luckily benefited since the owners and developers have offered prices of their villas met the budgets of their clients who are mostly overseas. A lot of families or couples would love to spend a week or two away from the stress of their jobs, relationships and the like. There is nothing more convenient than spending these relaxing days at villas that are affordable at its cost.

A few years ago, there were projects for 3-bedroom villas. Although the demand of large and high-quality villas are still present in the present time, there are many developers who have decided to build what they call the boutique villa communities that are likely smaller consisting of four to twelve units. Developers have come up with this idea due to the effect of the world economic crisis that has pushed the buyers to lower their budgets on such consumption. They risk less capital in the current economic culture that the entire world is going through. Align with these reasons, the cost of land and building costs have been heightened as well, which allows the developers to settle for smaller holiday villas with the same amount of amenities to offer.

The developers have recognized the clients’ needs which are most likely 2-3 bedroom private villas with a private pool and a secure community in a pleasing area along the beach. Quality-designed villas have swimming pools as the central focal point of the villa with the living room area and bedrooms are overlooking it. Clients are benefited highly with a lower cost of owning a property in Thailand where they can go to whenever they feel the need to momentarily runaway from reality. They can be rented for a short term or long term, depending on the desire of the clients.

These villas are perfect for holidays where you just want to relax and feel the soothing comfort of the air in the beach, the privacy to your desire, the pool to relax in or drink away the problems of yesterday. Villas are perfect for anyone; families, couples, friends or even to those who decide they are better at spending their free time with themselves alone.