in News - 19 Oct, 2017
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Wedding Photographer Wins Legal Battle Against Couple

The newly married couple, Andrew and Neely Moldovan, got married in Dallas and the big day was a happy event. Three months later, they complained against their photographer during the wedding ceremony after they were sent blank picture frames. This is a case that has never been heard of in wedding photography in Sydney but the legal battle has now come to an end.

The couple claimed that the photographer is not sending them their pictures because she requires them to pay an additional of $150 but they have already settler thousands before the wedding event. According to Neely Moldovan, it was heart breaking on their part because those photographs are their memories.

When they appeared on television, majority of the public were in agreement. The wedding photographer was then branded to holding the pictures hostage.

The photographer, Andrea Polito, was then harassed by sympathizers of the couple which ruined her reputation. Clients stopped hiring her and she eventually had to close her photography studio.

Polito sued the couple and she said that all they needed to do in order to get their photos is to complete a form, choose the wedding album they prefer and pay an additional amount which they have already been told before.

The photographer, along with her employer, showed proof that they have been trying to appease the Moldovans but they continue to destroy their reputation.

The lawsuit was tried in Dallas and the juries believed the photographer’s side. They have concluded that because of the accusations made by the couple damaged the business thus the photographer should be compensated over $1 million in US dollars.

The couple can still appeal but they haven’t commented so far on the verdict by the jury. Neely, who is a blogger, did not even talk about the verdict to thousands of her subscribers aside from a post regarding pore troubles after pregnancy.

Polito, on the other hand, was happy with the verdict and she was hoping that she will be able to rebuild her reputation and career in the process. She is hoping that this ordeal does not happen to wedding photography in Sydney or anywhere in the world because she knows how difficult it is.