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What To Do When In Da Nang

Da Nang is not the most popular city in Vietnam but it is starting to make a name for itself. There are many things to do while visiting from checking out the French village in Danang to visiting its white sand beaches. For first time travellers, here is a guide on things to do while in the coastal city.

On top of the list is to try the Waterfront Bar because of it is a good spot to experience international cuisine. The place is located near the Han River therefore the visit will surely be a relaxing one. The ground floor is reserved for people who wanted to try their craft beer or enjoy a cocktail while the upstairs holds the dining area which serves a variety of cuisine such as sandwiches, burgers and Mediterranean.

After having your fill of delicious food, rent a motorbike and experience the Hai Van Pass. This road stretches for 21 kilometers and is the local name means ocean cloud in the English language. This is located 30 kilometer from the north of the coastal city which offers ocean views and a good spot for diving. This is a must in the to-do list of riders because the scenery is hard to pass up which can rival many roads in the world. For inexperienced drivers, there are also drivers who take on passengers for the ride.

Get a little culture by visiting the Museum of Cham Sculpture which is dedicated solely for the Cham culture. The Cham was responsible for the My Son ruins. Established in 1919, the museum is found inside a colonial-era establishment. This is dubbed as one of the best museums in the country.

There are many tourists who came to Da Nang simply to visit Hoi An. This is a historic town found 30 kilometers to the south of Da Nang. This is one of the most visited aside from the French village in Danang because of its unique charm since the town used to be the busiest port before. There is no traffic in the town because majority of it is only accessible to pedestrians. While the place might be crowded at times, the scenery will make it worth your while.