in Healthcare - 27 Jun, 2019
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What Women Should Know Before They Change Their Hair Colour To Pastel

When women want to enhance their looks, they go to Bondi hair salon to colour their hair. Sometimes it is fun to have a different hair colour from what you have been born with. Pastel and candy-coloured hair trended because a celebrity suddenly appeared on TV wearing rainbow-hued tresses. You browse through Instagram photos and find out that icy-blue hair looks cool.

However, those who were inspired to change their hair colour because of Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds have to think twice before they opt for whimsical hair colours because it is not really easy to achieve. The hairdresser can do it in one sitting but the long process can test your patience.

Before you head out to the hair salon, make sure that you are properly informed on the steps that will turn your hair coloured to pastel or candy-coloured hue. First of all, hair colour works best on virgin hair or hair that has never been coloured. In some instances, the hair has to be bleached before light pinks, purples, blues and greens can be added.

It is more difficult to bleach hair that has received artificial colour. Darker hair is also more challenging for the hairdresser to bleach particularly if it has been layered with colour. For the peace of mind of those who are planning to change their hair colour, hair stylists said that all types and textures can be dyed with pastel or candy-coloured hue.

For those will very curly hair, you must be extra careful with trying to go blond because over-bleaching may affect the curl pattern or cause dryness of the hair. Women with darker hair are encouraged to choose brighter colours because it won’t require too much bleach that may damage the hair. Pastel is more attainable for women with naturally light hair. Results can also vary according to skills of your hairdresser.

If you have decided to change your hair colour, Bondi hair salon will help you decide on the hair colour and style that will match your personality, appearance and lifestyle. It will take about an hour to apply colour and 30 minutes for it to set before washing. Bleaching is the longer process and will depend on hair density, length and colour.