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What You Can Do With Your Marketing Agency Review Testimonials

Gathering customer reviews is an effective way of proving the authenticity and trustworthiness of your digital marketing agency. Once you’ve received an ample amount of feedback, knowing what to do with them is the next important step.

Send the reviews to Google.

Assuming the review platform you’ve chosen for your company is already a Google Review Partner, you can submit the reviews to Google. The search engine will be able to incorporate customer feedback in its search results, thereby increasing or decreasing your ranking, depending on how high your rating is. Google can also include customer feedback as snippets, which helps your CTR.

Share reviews on social media.

Because social media is always bustling with activity, it’s a good idea to incorporate reviews in the content you create for your various online social spaces. The increased shareability on these platforms will allow your followers and their network to see the positive testimonials for your agency.

Display reviews on your website or blog.

As visitors get to know the services you provide, they can verify claims through real-life testimonials from former customers, helping them determine the best choices to make.

Promote the reviews offline.

Sure, you may be a digital agency, but that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise offline. By showcasing testimonials on billboards or on your business card, you are taking your services out to the “real” world.

Create content from reviews.

A King Kong marketing agency review can turn into its own heartwarming story about how the experience shaped the success and growth of a client’s business.

By sharing reviews, you are providing valuable insight to potential customers about the excellent services your agency provides.