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What You Need To Hire Marquee In Melbourne

If you’re planning a wedding or considering a corporate event or party, you can hire marquee in Melbourne for a wonderful event. You can choose a beautiful marquee to suit your wedding and create a wow factor on this unique celebration. Many times, customers have questions about the marquee hire, and this article will explain it.

Do You Need a Licence for the Marquee Hire?

Typically, the licence isn’t needed. However, if you’re playing some music, which you will be, the hire marquee in Melbourne will need a licence. If you’re serving alcohol from the marquee, then this will also need one. However, one cannot profit from music alone. So, for holding a wedding or corporate event, the licence may not be important.

How to Provide Power to the Marquee?

A marquee is a huge tent that will accommodate people at the outdoors. As you are celebrating an important event, you need to provide power for heaters, lighting and amplifiers. Without electricity, the marquee hire will be dull and silent. Use a generator with adequate fuel for electricity. Also, depending on the location and distance to the property, a reliable generator can generate power whenever needed.

Marquee Hire Can Include Furniture

If you want furniture aside from the marquee, a hire marquee in Melbourne can provide tables, chairs, covers, tablecloths, lighting, dance floors and more. In fact, you can have everything you can imagine. Just choose a reliable marquee hire with all these amenities. You’ll surely have what you need to make the event successful. They can even arrange them to make your day perfect.

Top Tip for Marquee Hire

A marquee hire may be your best option to save money for a venue. You don’t need to compromise with the space available and limit the noise coming from your event. The marquee can provide the space that you need, especially if you’re expecting a large group. You also have a marquee hire that will suit different weather conditions. Even if it’s raining, you feel comfortable and relaxed while being accommodated in the marquee. So, hire marquee in Melbourne that will perfectly suit your needs.