in Home Improvement - 28 Jun, 2017
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When A Roof Was Ripped Off By Mistake At The Worst Possible Time

Chris and Laura McInnis from south St. Louis were on the process of selling their home located in Rosa Avenue. They have already moved out of town and were surprised when their neighbours sent them messages that roofers ripped up their shingles and covered the gaps using a blue tarp. It was apparently a mistake that happened at the worst possible time for the couple.

According to Laura McInnis, someone went to their home by mistake and started tearing down the roof for an hour. When they realized that they were in the wrong home, they immediately booked out and left a huge pile of trash next to the house.

Neighbours have sent the photographs of piles of trash that were left by the roofers to the couple. One of the neighbours was lucky enough to take an image of a blue van that the workers have used. The image was shared with the police to easily identify the culprits. The police have a few leads but the issue was not yet resolved.

Mistakes can inadvertently happen but when a wrong roof is worked on, homeowners expect the roofers to be responsible. It is expected from whoever made the mistake whether it is the people who committed the mistake or the company that employed them to make it right. It is difficult for the couple to resolve the mess because they are already miles away and the new homeowner is just days away from closing the deal.

Since the couple is technically still the owners of the home, it is their responsibility to have the roof repaired even if they have already moved out. The couple was grateful to their former neighbours and family members who supported them during the ordeal. They are hoping that the roofers will be identified and make good on their mistake.

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