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When Visiting St Andrews International School In Thailand

Finding the perfect international school for their child can be a daunting experience for some parents. International schools usually have higher fees than average schools. The quality of education in an international school is better than most local schools. Students of international schools also have a better chance of being accepted in universities overseas.

To avoid going through an unfavourable experience when choosing a suitable international school for their child, parents should list down the international schools near their area. Most international schools, such as St Andrews International School, have their own website that students and parents can visit first. Parents may explore a particular school’s website to learn a bit more about their target school.

After cutting down the list, it’s time to visit the school. It is recommended to take the child along and ask for his/her opinion.

Some of the Things to Do

  1. Set the date to visit the school.

Discuss the date of visit with the school administrator or the person-in-charge. Allow the child to spend a considerable amount of time when visiting the school. He/she should see how the students interact with each other. If possible, ask the headmaster if the child can join a class to observe and interact with other students. The parents can observe the entire operation of the school to help them determine the suitability of the school for their child. Parents should ask the headmaster or teacher about the things that they want to know about the school.

  1. Know the schedule and duration of each class.

Find out the usual day to day activities that the students have. How long does each class usually have? Do the teachers come to the room or the students need to move to the room where the next teacher waits for them? How many breaks do the students take? How long is each break? Parents must ask these questions and other things that they think they should know about the school.

  1. Observe the child’s reaction.

It is important to take note of the child’s reaction toward the school since he/she will be the one to attend it. The child must be able to gain the best educational experience that can help shape him into the kind of person that he ought to be in the future.

The parents can also observe and ask the teachers and staff if they want to know more about the performance of the school like St Andrews International School, and see if it is the right one for their child.