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Whoopi Goldberg Talks About Holiday Sweaters And The Holiday Spirit

Actress Whoopi Goldberg worked together with Zappos last year to release holiday sweaters she designed herself. It included playful depictions of an octopus menorah, Santa Claus twerking near the chimney, and even a mensch sitting with an elf. In an interview, she shared her thoughts about the holiday seasons and why she called for a week of peace.

Celebrating the Holidays and Keeping the Magic

As a kid, Whoopi Goldberg shared, her holidays were great. They did not have lavish celebrations, no matching xmas sweater— but their mother made them feel the spirit of the holidays even when they did not have a lot of money. Years later, she asked her mother how she did it, and her mother said that there is magic in the holidays. So, now she truly believes that her mother made magic happen, but never told her how.

Coping with the Holiday Stress

Whoopi Goldberg explained that holidays are stressful, and so, we need to be aware of those who have nowhere to go or no one to be with during these times. She says that the holiday season is a very tough time for those who have lost a family member. Doing little things like giving them an xmas sweater or asking them to join you is enough. Instead of stressing out about the material things, focus on each other and take care of each other instead.

Greeting everyone Happy Holidays

The actress explains that it is very important to respect people from all religions and beliefs. So, greeting them with “Happy Holidays” is a way to remind everyone that different people have their own holidays— Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan— they may not all coincide on one specific date, but the important thing is to acknowledge their belief and show them respect.

Her Favorite Sweater

Whoopi Baby Santa is her favorite sweater. She says it’s a ridiculous thing that always makes her chuckle. Aside from her favorite, she also has an Asian baby Santa, and a Spanish baby Santa. She explains that she has many baby Santas, and each year, they might release a new one.

Future Plans

Whoopi says she hopes to design Christmas lingerie as well. She says that if they can prove that they can design and sell sweaters well, definitely they can also work with lingerie for the holidays.