in Customer Feedback - 22 Mar, 2021
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Why Businesses Must Invest In An Effective SEO Strategy

Many online businesses fail to get the traffic they need because they do not have an effective SEO strategy. Customers cannot find the website so that potential sales are missed. Of course, there are other marketing strategies that can effectively promote a business but what drives the most traffic to a site in organic search.

According to research, organic search results are responsible for 51% of people that visit a website. People usually avoid clicking on advertisements and prefer to go directly to organic search results. Without SEO, a business can miss out on thousands of potential customers who will buy the product or service.

A lot of consumers won’t buy from a business that they are not familiar with. They rely on the services of search engines like Google to make a confident purchase decision. A business has to put some effort into its SEO to ensure that it appears on the first pages of search engine results and gain a higher chance of convincing a consumer to buy.

Businesses can suffer a lot compared to competitors that have an active SEO strategy. With so much competition online, businesses must consider investing in SEO to improve online performance. The best performers usually update SEO when there is new content, when there are changes to algorithms, and when there are new products or services.

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