in Business - 20 May, 2017
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Why Conference Bags Are Popular Promotional Merchandise

Lots of promotional merchandise is available for businesses but conference bags never go out of style. As long as professional groups, corporate organizations, government offices and trade unions hold events, conference bags to will continue to stay. However, why is there a general preference for conference bags considering that the promotional merchandise is not cheap and not a usable item?

The fact is promotional conference bags target a selected group of professionals like businessmen, marketers and trade union members who usually attend exhibitions and events. This particular type of customers will find something useful with the conference bags and value them. If a business can target this group of professionals, it can go far.

Conference bags are highly effective because professionals can use them even after the exhibit or event. The beauty of the item is it can be produced according to the business’ requirements and needs. Conference bags can be produced in various materials like leather, polyester or nylon which can be customized according to the client’s needs. It is also available in a variety of colors and designs making it an effective promotional gift with high perceived value.

A business can hire a creative designer so that the design will be uniquely yours. Conference bags do not actually require so much design but creativity will make it different from others. In Nigeria, most of the available promotional conference bags come from foreign sources but a local entrepreneur can produce the promotional merchandise for a more affordable cost.

For example, if the conference bags are produced by a foreign wholesaler, there is a middleman in the supply chain that markets the product online or through a catalogue. If made by a local entrepreneur, materials can easily be selected to produce a customized design. Local entrepreneurs usually start small but it does not stop them from being innovative.

Research the prices of conference bags and compare them to the prices quoted by local entrepreneurs. Research the potential customers who might be attending the event to determine the type of conference bags that will be suitable to their profession. When you distribute the conference bags, make sure to include your business cards, brochures and pamphletsthat describe your business.