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Why Half-Christmas Is Worth Celebrating

Students are preparing for the summer break, the sun is shining and the temperature is going up but people happily celebrated half-Christmas. They wore Ugly Christmas Sweaters, drunk keg nog, sung Christmas carols and barbequed on the roof to get into the spirit of Christmas.

Half-Christmas took place last June 25 which is halfway to Christmas that is celebrated on December 25. Summer elements were not able to distract people from getting into the holiday spirit. Half Christmas was a momentous occasion that was observed with the same enthusiasm as other fictional holidays like Seinfeld’s Festivus and Parks and Recreation’s Treat Yo Self Day.

Half-Christmas is the best holiday in the Comedy Central Series that was conceived from the desire of Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam De Vine) and Ders (Anders Holm) to celebrate the halfway point of Christmas on June 25. The holiday is worth celebrating because it shows the anticipation for Christmas and the importance of proper work-life balance.

It is very important to have proper life-work balance because work schedules are usually busy and personal life has to be sacrificed. Modern employees want to change things in the workplace to better suit their own physical and psychological priorities.

When the Workaholics approached their boss Alice (Maribeth Monroe) for time-off to celebrate half-Christmas, it started as a light-hearted holiday spirit that became a lesson in collective bargaining. The entire office got away with 2 paid vacation leaves and an annual half-Christmas party after an office-wide strike. The guys started to dig into their closets for the Ugly Christmas Sweaters and learned to whip up some keg nog.

You can still celebrate half-Christmas in July by hanging a Christmas ornaments, mistletoes, dressing for the occasion and taking advantage of mid-year sales to stock up on holiday presents. It is much easier to buy gifts when there is no snow on the roads.

Even if it is summertime with a climate that is typically hot and sunny, people can still bring Christmas celebrations in their homes. Christmas in July is usually celebrated in July 12 aside from June 25. You can visit UglyChristmasSweater.com to make sure that you are properly dressed for the celebrations.