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Why People Must Plan For The Inevitable

The death of a loved one can be pretty devastating for a family. Funeral services have to be planned and need to be paid at short notice. Even a modest funeral service through funeral homes in Sydney can exhaust the family’s savings. Pre-planning a funeral is suggested to minimize the financial burden on the grieving family.

Many are shocked at the current costs of funeral services but remember that it includes transporting the body of the deceased to the funeral home, the hearse that will transport the coffin to the funeral location, the cost of the coffin, death certificate, preparation of the body for viewing, burial or cremation, crematorium fees, urn, cost of burial site and fees required by the cemetery. The funeral director must also be paid for making the arrangements for the funeral.

Costs can also be affected by the place where you live. A comparison study made by website finder.com revealed that Sydney top the list of the most expensive Australian cities to have a funeral in. The cost of an average ceremony in Sydney is $8,357.

In spite of the hardships that it may cause the grieving family, research reveals that 60% of Australians have not pre-planned their funeral so that family members and relatives have to foot the bill. Funerals have always been part of Australian culture but still, death is not something that people want to talk about.

Since an average funeral in Australia can cost about $7,000, it is important to consider who will bear the cost. Since death is inevitable, always consider the worst case scenario and discuss the preferences with the family. Traditional burials have become very expensive because of the rising costs of land. If you will include the costs of candles, flowers, viewing, food and celebrant fees, the cost could add up very quickly.

There are funeral homes in Sydney that allow people to pre-pay the cost of the funeral service. There is also the option of taking out a comprehensive funeral insurance policy so that the family will not be left to suffer from financial burden. It is a thoughtful and considerate move for someone to spare the family from footing the funeral bill.