in Business - 11 May, 2019
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Why Piaggio Chose Vietnam As Its Asian Hub

If you will take a good look at the Vespa for sale in the dealership, you will notice that it is as distinctive now as they were in the 1940’s when the scooter first went under production. The Vespa scooter is a practical and affordable two-wheeled vehicle that could easily navigate through rough terrain. After the Second World War, Italy then was not the Italy you know today.

The early scooter design of Vespa included a real engine that was enclosed by large panels made from sheet metal. The step-through frame allowed women who were wearing skirts to ride the scooter. The tall front steering cowling deflects wind, dirt and water away from the rider. Many companies in Europe and Asia adopted the unique design but were not lucky enough to topple Vespa as a cultural icon.

The Vespa Notte edition is going to be launched in Vietnam which is a booming market for the Italian two-wheeler. According to Gianluca Fiume, Piaggio Vietnam’s chairman and general director, the appeal of Vespa to Asian consumers is not actually the brand but why it does what it does. People want to be distinguished by riding an iconic brand that has elegance and beauty.

Piaggio has set itself apart from its competitors by choosing Vietnam as the company’s Asian hub. Vietnam is the number one market for Vespa scooters in the Asian region followed by Thailand and Indonesia.

It is very rare for an international brand to choose Vietnam as their hub. However, Vietnam has a bigger market than the Philippines. The Vietnamese can perceive and interpret the brand not only from an emotional point of view but from a technical one. There are now 2Piaggio plants in Vietnam – one for engines and the other for vehicles. It also has a research and development centre which is the first in Asia.

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