in Customer Feedback - 23 May, 2021
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Why YouTube Is The Best Platform For Customer Reviews

Videos of customer reviews on YouTube are watched for more than one billion times a day. This is the reason why YouTube is the most important platform for your reviews, feedback and testimonials. The video platform provides maximum exposure to customer feedback.

Reviews in video form gets more engagement than reviews in the form of text. A video of a customer talking about how much she appreciates the product or service can encourage consumers to visit the website and make a purchase decision.

Businesses must encourage their customers to add videos of their own on YouTube to generate awareness for the brand. However, what if the review is negative? Well, a business can easily respond with a commitment that the issue will be taken care of and further improvements will be made. When other consumers see the response, they will be appreciative of the company’s efforts.

YouTube is a trusted platform and many consumers are influenced by a positive online review. It is cheaper to host a video channel for customers to post their reviews than pay thousands of dollars for traditional advertising that people usually ignore. Videos are now the trend and businesses must not miss the opportunity to get more engagement and views.

It is very likely that you have watched a king kong marketing agency review on YouTube. The digital marketing agency capitalizes on the power of videos to emerge as a leader in the industry. Meanwhile, the positive feedback from the customer can be integrated into the marketing campaign to build trust and credibility for the brand.