in Business - 25 Aug, 2018
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Windows 10 Now Accessible For The Whole Nation

During the CES at the beginning of this year, a French firm called Blade promises the public a new service. It is a monthly subscription service that makes it possible for users anywhere to use a high-end machine running on Windows 10. The computer is equipped with the latest processor from Intel and the GPU is the most coveted Nvidia 1080. It is located in a server farm but it can be accessed by anyone who has an internet connection and a device running on operating systems such as Mac computer, Windows, Android and iOS. The service is a dream come true for people with computers currently being repaired at a computer service in Perth and needs to use one immediately.

During the announcement, many were disappointed because the service is only accessible to those who are residing in California and the home office, France. Blade made another announcement regarding their service known as Shadow. The service will now be officially available to anyone living within the United States as long as they have a minimum connection speed of 5 Mbps.

As per the rumors, it is a dream come true especially for gamers because they will be able to stream the contents of a powerful computer through remote access. They can access using their tablet, smartphone or another personal computer. The streaming service has already been done by Nvidia before using their Nvodia Shield which is a 4K set top box.

Reports are also coming out of the measures Microsoft and Sony are taking in order to cash in with the future of gaming consoles. The companies are said to be planning to ship cheap boxes that can access remote servers. Two months ago, a report from Kotaku revealed that Google is also going on the same path.

The difference between these leading game companies and Shadow is that the service does not only cater to streaming games. Users will be able to stream the entire content of a powerful Windows 10 machine which eliminates the need to install applications that take up a lot of space such as Premiere and Blender. These are applications that are often the cause of problems according to a computer service in Perth because the machines cannot handle the power required in terms of memory and speed.