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Wisconsin Homebuilders Struggle With Issue On Finding Skilled Workers

In the northeastern part of Wisconsin, the construction of homes has seen a great increase in demand. While this is relatively great news for most builders, there is one issue that continues to bear on them: the lack of skilled workers. This issue had led to a bigger issue which is the builders turning down the jobs because of the scarcity of manpower.

Homes are an important part of human life. It is a place where people live, and where they are most comfortable at. There was a time when people had to build their own homes and rely on their own abilities and skills but times have changed in the modern world. Homebuilders have taken it upon themselves to provide people houses with suitable or beautiful home designs. Now the issue is not whether people can afford building their own house or buying a built one, it is about the homebuilders finding a suitable workforce to help them construct the houses for their clients.

Mark Lamense of a homebuilding company says that they normally do six to eight homes a year but this year they are expecting to build about eight to twelve.
According to the Brown County Builders Association, there has been a 51% increase in the number of homes that had been started this year as compared to two years before.

The builders acknowledged the boom in the demand but they also emphasized on the lack of skilled workers.

Lamense had even said that in their industry right now, they have been having troubles finding good laborers and skilled workers.

He said that this problem has affected the industry quite hard as more projects are now taking too long to get finished. What’s worse is that many construction companies are forced to turn down jobs.

Lamense admitted that there was too much work out there that is too much for them to handle and that many firms today have turned down almost 25% potential jobs because of the lack of resources.

In the upcoming months, however, many companies are trying their best to get a hold on and find efficient laborers.