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Woman From Houlton Helped Decorating The White House

Cecilia Rhoda is a resident of Houlton and ever since she has a talent when it comes to decorating her home especially when the Christmas season is approaching. Her already impressive resume will have one more thing on its experience section as she is now a White House decorator. Rhoda was chosen together with 124 other individuals all over the country to serve as the decorators and designers of the White House last month. They were given the task to transform the White House, located in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and make it into something out of a winter wonderland.

Rhoda expressed that her experience is an opportunity that will come once only in a lifetime. She also shared that in order to be chosen, she had to undergo an extremely thorough process including coming up with an essay on why she deserved to be picked out. She is not allowed to share whatever she wrote on the essay because she is under privacy guidelines that was set by the White House beforehand.

Claudette Greene is the sister of Rhoda and she is a resident of Portland. She applied too and the White House selection committee decided to put her as one of the people participating in the decoration experience.

According to Rhoda, the Obama Administration with the brainchild of the First Lady felt that the White House is actually the People’s House thus the decors should be done by the people. It was back in September when she found out that her application was approved and by the following month she received notice that she was officially selected. She was mandated to not share anything about the news under the regulations set by the White House until such time that she has already finished her task.

Rhoda’s decorating experiences lasted for six days but the housing and transportation was not included in the package. It started on the night of Thanksgiving where all volunteers have to meet at the Loews Madison Hotel located in Washington. They all dedicated 12 hours every day for six days in order to finish decorating the White House.

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